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First, you will fill out a brief online form telling us about your used car.

Local trusted dealers place offers ahead of time so you will receive an offer price right away. Choose if you want to drop off or have the dealer pick up the car. Then, we will match you with the top offering dealer in your area who will contact you to set up an appointment.

After the inspection, you will be paid right away. Too easy!

99 Drive combines the simplicity of trading in your car to a local trusted dealer with the most competitive pricing available. No need to meet with strangers, negotiate or deal with cumbersome DMV paperwork.

On 99 Drive, dealers will compete for your car, ensuring you receive more money with less hassle.

The VIN can typically be found in the following locations:

  • Insurance card
  • DMV title or registration
  • Recent car service receipt (e.g. oil change, other scheduled maintenance, etc.)
  • Driver's side dashboard (view from outside through windshield)
  • Driver's side door jamb

99 Drive is free for sellers to receive a no-obligation offer.

Your info will only be sent to one dealer, the dealer with the best offer for your car. You will also receive an email copy of your Instant Offer along with the dealer's contact information.

We do not share your info with anyone outside of the 99 Drive dealer network. And don't worry, we won't spam you.

My Car

First, you will answer some basic questions including mileage and zip code where the car is located.

Next, you will answer questions regarding the interior, exterior and mechanical condition of the car.

Rarely is a used car in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible to receive the most accurate offer.

Dealers and Offers

99 Drive runs a proprietary bidding platform that enables dealers to place bids on groups of cars by Year, Make, Model and Mileage ahead of time.

This way, we can instantly match you with the best dealer and offer in your area.

Our proprietary matching system takes the following factors into consideration

  • Dealer offer price
  • Dealer location relative to your zip code
  • Whether the dealer will pick up from your zip code
  • Dealer quality satisfaction rating. Considering these factors, we will show you your top match.

Not necessarily. The matched dealer will complete a comprehensive inspection of your car. If any material issues are found that were not disclosed, either cosmetically or mechanically, the dealer may adjust the final price.

You will have the option to accept the revised offer or walk away.

99 Drive provides training and performance reports to ensure dealers thrive and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. All 99 Drive customers are invited to submit a dealer review which helps us detect problem dealers.

Most dealers are willing to match competing offers. The market for used cars is extremely competitive and the dealer will adjust as much as they can based on your car condition and their inventory needs.

Closing the Deal

Your dealer will work with you to find a good time to pick up or for you to drop off the car. After the car arrives at the dealership, the inspection, final paperwork and payment will be completed immediately.

If you need added flexibility to move faster or slower, our dealers will do whatever they can to accommodate your schedule.

As soon as your car has been inspected and paperwork completed, you will be paid right away.

If you drop off the car, you will receive a check on the spot, otherwise the check will be sent by overnight mail.

To complete the sale, you will need your title or loan payoff statement, current registration and a copy of your current driver's license. If you have misplaced your title, the dealer can order a replacement title on your behalf.

No, the dealer will prepare all necessary DMV paperwork to complete the transfer.

Typically, your dealer will pay off your lease or outstanding balance and you will receive the difference in the form of a check.

If you owe more on your lease or outstanding balance than the winning dealer has offered, then you will have the option to pay the difference or walk away from the deal.


99 Drive is a technology platform connecting car sellers directly to local trusted dealers who compete for cars via proprietary bidding platform. Ultimately, the seller and dealer will transact with one another directly.

99 Drive is here to help the seller find the most competitive offer from a local trusted dealer.

Unfortunately, our catalog does not include every car. Since our pricing algorithm cross references market transactions for similar vehicles, it is more difficult to generate a price for older or less common cars.

Unfortunately, no. 99 Drive dealers subscribe to our network for lead exclusivity. Our matching algorithm evaluates a number of factors to ensure you receive the best possible offer within our dealer network.

Our pricing algorithm cross references market transactions for similar vehicles. During periods of high market volatility, our pricing algorithm has less similar data points to compare. The good news is 99 Drive dealers are often willing to match or beat competing offers, so be sure to answer their call!

If you select pick up, the dealer will come to your house and inspect your car. If you select drop off, you will need to drive your car to the dealer.

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