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99 Drive

How It Works


Instant Estimate

Provide your year, make and mileage to receive an Instant Estimate.


Condition Report

Complete a quick condition report from your phone to receive a Firm Offer - the highest offer from local dealers.


Delivery and Payment

Connect with the dealer to finalize paperwork including loan payoffs and DMV requirements so you can GET PAID!

I decided it was time to sell my car one morning and I did a quick search online and 99 Drive popped up. I looked around on the site, the design and layout looked good and the form was super easy to fill out. I got my offer the next day and the dealer contacted me immediately. It actually wasn't the best offer from the other online sites, but I was able to provide more details on my car and we settled on a price I was happy with. I've already recommended the service to two other friends and family who have sold their cars on the site. The only negative is that 99 Drive is not yet well known, but I gave it a try and everything was handled very professionally, thank you 99 Drive!

Aditya S. | 2019 Tesla Model 3

Common Questions

Our proprietary matching system takes the following factors into consideration:

  • Dealer offer prices
  • Dealer locations relative to your zip code
  • Your preference between dealer pickup or drop off
  • Dealer quality satisfaction ratings

Considering these factors, we will match you to the local dealer with the best offer.

No, you have no obligation to work with the dealer from 99 Drive. We do our best to match you with the best dealer and offer in our system based on your car and your location. Once you have the offer, it's yours to take or leave.

Not necessarily. The dealer will want to inspect your car before completing the deal. If any issues are discovered, the dealer may adjust their offer. If this happens, you can accept the offer, negotiate or walk away.

Yes. Typically the dealer will pay off your lease / loan balance and you receive the difference in the form of a check. If you owe more on your lease / loan than the offer then you may choose to pay the difference.

At 99 Drive, our job is to find you a local dealer who will pay the highest price for your car and provide excellent service. Thus, you will be selling to that dealer directly.

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